Monday, March 26, 2007


The workouts in this section should take less than, or at least very near 3 minutes to perform and should be executed at maximum intensity for the duration of the workout. These components are generally done as part of the warm up or as part of a larger workout.

Colleen and Jerk

Greg and Lauren’s little girl is Colleen and in her honor Greg came up with the Colleen and Jerk which is a dumbbell hang squat clean and three jerks. Feel free to add a burpee at the beginning to make it a little harder. Adjust the reps and weight as necessary but 10 rounds for time with 35 lb dumbbells is a good place to start.

Colleen’s a Jerk

Do a burpee to a pair of dumbbells but kick your feet back onto a box or bench. Do a pushup then pull your feet back under yourself and then do a squat clean. Stand and do three push presses with the first one being done as a thruster. Try for 10 as quickly as you can. Decide for yourself how heavy to make your dumbbells.

Road Rage

Put one slam ball on either side of a tractor tire (150 lbs or so) with one far enough away to not be in the way when you flip the tire. Start with the ball closest to the tire. Burpee with hands on the ball Stand with the ball to a squat clean Stand again and press the ball overhead Slam the ball Jump on and off the tire Flip the tire Jump into the tire and out the other side Next rep is with the other ball coming back the way you came 10 rounds for time

Ball Buster

Burpee with hands on the ball Stand with the ball to a squat clean Stand and throw the ball into the air wall ball style Catch the ball the press it back up Slam the ball 10 rounds for time

KB Flip and Dip

Two hand KB swing with flip and catch At the bottom of the swing do a Sumo DL High Pull Release at the top and squat under to catch in a full squat by the bell Stand and throw the bell up wall ball style Catch by the handle and lower to begin the swing cycle again 10 rounds for time

Jumping Pullups

Put a bench under your pullup bar that is of a height that allows you to have a bit of squat room with your arms fully extended. The first few reps will seem fairly easy but you will want to keep a steady pace. Jump up so that you get your chin over the bar and go back down to full arm extension. 100 reps as fast as possible

Burpee Hops

Put a DB in each hand, light ones – 20 lbs is plenty. Do a burpee (every time I say burpee in this text the pushup after you kick your feet back is assumed) and after you stand back up do a broad jump as far as you can. Do this for a specific distance rather than a number of hops in order to promote max effort jumps. Twenty yards or so is tough, thirty or more is a killer. A hard sprint at the end of each direction is most rewarding. Thank Dave Werner of CFN for this one.

Burpee – Clean – Squat - Thruster

Get a pair of 44 lb kettlebells and set them at your feet. Do a burpee with your hands on the KB handles, kick your feet back up and clean the bells to a full squat and then shoot up with a thruster. Repeat for time, reps, dizziness…whatever.


Grab a 10 lb sledgehammer and beat your tractor tire into submission with 100 hits as fast and has hard as you can. No gravity drops here, max effort slams each time. Swing the hammer with both hands together near the end of the handle and recover it by catching it on the bounce and sliding your hand up near the hammer head. Switch sides with each swing. Just like ball slams get a bit of a jump into each hit.


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